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"Sea Rhythms"

26' Bronze Sculpture
Commissioned by the San Diego Unified Port District
Location: San Diego Int'l Airport, Lindbergh Field
Dedicated January 6, 1998

Says Terry: "I had my first kelpbed experience at 14 when I dove off Point Loma to become a N.A.U.I. certified SCUBA diver in 1972. I had no idea that 30 years later I would create all of this in bronze for San Diego Int'l Airport. This sculpture gave me a chance to share a dive in our local waters with those visiting San Diego's Lindbergh Field."

Sea Rhythms was selected by San Diego Unified Port District as one of 15 art projects from a contest of 557 proposals. This 26-foot tall bronze and copper sculpture is located in the central fountain at the Market Place Rotunda just beyond security in the New West Terminal.